Petisco Food Tour

Faro Centre

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

From 10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

8 tastings

4 tastings

4 entries


Fill up your appetite, prepare your palate and discover the tastiest Algarvian "petiscos" (tidbits) on this food tour!

Razor shell cakes, fried baby cuttlefish, and Algarve wines are just a few of the tastings the Petisco Food Tour offers you.

Already mouthwatering? Then, add the craft beer, the various cheeses, and the traditional desserts; it's just impossible to resist so many different food delicacies!

To make your experience even more rich and memorable, we will show you several monuments as we stroll along the streets of Faro. In addition to other places, you will visit the mysterious Capela do Ossos (the Bones Chapel) with more than 1,000 skeletons, enjoy the magnificent city views from the Sé (Cathedral) and stroll around the Jardim Manuel Bívar garden where some of the most popular events in Faro take place.

Whether alone or with friends, this is a must-see and must-taste food tour!


 Explore Faro in a relaxed manner

 Taste the traditional Algarve delicacies       

Visit the mysterious Capela dos Ossos

 Discover the mouthwatering Algarvian desserts

 Enjoy Faro from a privileged viewpoint


 Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Bring your appetite, curiosity and good mood

 Your camera to record and share the good moments 


What people say about the tour

"A must do if you want to learn about the food, culture and history of the Algarve. A fascinating walking tour of Faro which includes insider views of historic sites and fabulous eateries."

Jane Reilly, England


"Une très belle découverte de la ville de Faro et de plusieurs plats et boissons savoureuses !

Une guide exceptionnelle !

Cette demi-journée était absolument parfaite, merci beaucoup !"

Audrey Kiss, Switzerland