Terms and Conditions

This agreement aims to set out the terms and conditions of the services provided within scope of the Eating Algarve Food Tours (hereinafter referred to as the "EAFT") and other relevant aspects of the relationship of the EAFT with its clients.

The use of the site www.eatingalgarvetours.com and the acquisition of services provided therein assumes the prior knowledge, consent and acceptance of all terms and conditions detailed as follows:

1. General

1.1. The EAFT is a brand owned and managed by the i7Go, Lda., a limited company dedicated to develop and sell touristic and cultural activities.

1.2. Under the scope of the company i7Go, lda, the EAFT provides services that offer food and cultural experiences (hereinafter referred to as "Services" or "Experiences") through guided tours in pre-determined locations.

1.3. The Services are booked on the website www.eatingalgarvetours.com, having the specificities described therein.

1.4. All your our EAFT guides are duly trained and able to provide the Services.

1.5. The i7Go, Lda. is not civilly liable for any non-compliance that could be attributable to it directly or by acts or omissions of its representatives, except in case of fraud or serious misconduct.

1.6. The i7Go, Lda. is not civilly liable for any acts of third parties, including the restaurant establishments included in the Experience.

2. Booking

2.1. The selection of the services/Experiences is made directly on the site by choosing one of the available Experiences, dates and schedules.

2.2. After the selection, the client’s personal information should be entered for booking, payment and insurance.

2.3. Payment is made by PAYPAL, or other, and it is immediately processed online, after which you will receive booking confirmation in your email. This email will be the ticket for the Experience.

2.4 The booking confirmation email will be the ticket for the Experience. It should be presented to the i7Go, Lda. in electronic or printed form at the beginning of each Experience to the guide.

2.5. The i7Go Lda. uses an outsourcing service to process the payment of its service, PayPal, or other.

2.6. Regarding any questions that may arise in the services’ purchase process you should contact directly the i7Go, Lda. using the contact details available on the site.

3. Cancellation Policy, Delay or No-show and Refunding - by the EAFT

3.1. The EAFT has the right to cancel any Experience without prior notice.

3.2. In case of cancellation by the EAFT, participants are given the chance to choose between the full refunding of the amount paid or the option to reschedule the Experience to another chosen date among the available dates, with the same price of the purchased Service.

3.3. Should there be a cancellation by the EAFT and the participant chooses to reschedule his/her Experience opting for a service with a different price from that he/she had previously acquired, the appropriate change will be carried out by refunding the difference if cheaper, or by receiving an extra payment, if more expensive.

3.4. Any cancellation by the participants must be made by email send to the contacts advertised on the website, received and validated by the EAFT.

3.5. The refund in case of cancellation by the client shall observe the following rules:

- Cancellation over 60 days prior to the date of the acquired Experience: full refund of the amount paid,

- Cancellation between 59 and 30 days prior to the date of the acquired Experience: 50% refund of the amount paid,

- Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the date of the acquired Experience: there will be no refund.

3.6. In case of cancellation for justified reasons due to absolute impossibilities related to health, always confirmed by a valid document and sent to the EAFT contacts advertised on the website. The i7Go, Lda. undertakes to refund the full amount of the cancellation, in accordance to the Portuguese law.

3.7. In case of delay or no-show by the participant in the date and place indicated for the beginning of each Experiment, the EAFT shall not make any refund or rebooking.

3.8. The client is not allowed to transfer to third parties the Services provided by the i7Go, Lda., nor the contractual position or any credits held before the i7Go, Lda., without the prior consent of the i7Go, Lda., which will be formalized by issuing a new ticket with the data of the assignee client.

4. Experiences

4.1. Our Experiences are held with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 15 people.

4.2. The calendar of the Experiences is available and updated on the site.

4.3. The Experiences held on pre-defined schedules and published on the site.

4.4. The Experiences are carried out in accordance with the instructions presented on the site.

4.5. The Experiences are made by foot, whether it rains or shines.

4.6. The service of your Experience includes: - all activities (as described on the site for the corresponding Experience) - food and drinks (as described on the site for the corresponding Experience) - the services of a professional guide - insurance

5. Changes to the Itinerary

5.1. The i7Go, Lda. has the right to change the itinerary, time, location and tasting venues of the Experiences without prior notice, in order to ensure a higher level of safety and quality in carrying out its activities in the event of inadequate weather conditions or other inadequacies, nonexistence of tasting venues/ingredients due to local factors, or other.

6. Insurances

6.1. The activities developed by the EAFT are protected by the insurance company Allianz with all the mandatory insurances under the Portuguese law:

- civil liability insurance

- personal accident insurance

7. Responsibility of the participants

7.1. Participants who want to carry out the Experiences are responsible for knowing the terms contained herein and the information regarding each experience that is presented on the website.

7.2. Participants are responsible for providing the requested information correctly and any food allergies they may have that might affect their food experiences.

7.3. Participants are responsible for being in the proper physical condition to take part on each Experience (they should be able to walk by foot, have alcoholic drinks and spicy foods).

7.4. Participants are responsible for bringing the appropriate footwear and clothing to carry out the Experiences.

7.5. Participants are responsible for having in their possession the purchase ticket of the Experience and respective personal identification documents.

7.6. Participants are responsible for being in the place and time specified for the beginning of the Experience (in case of delay or no-show, the i7Go, Lda. is not responsible for any refund or rescheduling).

7.7. The i7Go, Lda. is not responsible for sudden and chronic diseases in the course of the Experience

8. Capture and use of images

8.1. Any image, photo or video captured by the EAFT during the course of its Experiences may be used in the future by the brand/company in its marketing and advertising material, online (website, social networks, and others) or physical material (brochures, postcards, posters, and others).

8.2. If the participant appears in these images, he/she automatically authorizes their disclosure in the different channels and for the purposes described above, and he/she shall have no rights to receive for them any royalties, monetary rewards or of any other nature.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1. All content contained on the website, texts, images, drawings, photos, videos, graphics, editorial content, data, formatting, music, sounds, and other content are the exclusive property of the company i7 Go Lda., owner of the EAFT.

9.2. Their use by other parties should mandatorily have the company i7 Go Lda., owner of the EAFT, permission.

9.3. This material is protected, it is not allowed to copy, download, redesign, reconfigure, or retransmit any part of the Site without the prior written authorization of the company i7 Go Lda., owner of the EAFT.

10. Warning on Registered Trademark Rights

10.1. The Eating Algarve Food Tours brand and logo are registered trademarks and property of the i7 Go, Lda.

11. Privacy

11.1. The i7Go, Lda. undertakes to not share with third party agents the information provided by each client at the time of acquisition of the products/Experiences.

12. Information Protection

12.1. The participants accept the use of their information for:

- Processing your booking and informing you of the booking confirmation (including a Booking Reference);

- Providing and developing the related services; • Direct marketing, subject to your right to withdraw your consent at any time;

- Accounting, invoicing and auditing;

- Credit card verification or other means of payment;

- Security, administrative and legal purposes;

- Testing of systems, maintenance and development;

- Statistical analysis;

- Ensuring our compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations before you;

- Helping us in future transactions.

13. Complaints

13.1. If the client has a complaint regarding the Service provided by the EAFT, he/she shall communicate it to the guide in due time so that it can be solved whenever possible.

13.2. Complaints after completion of the Experience must be made in writing and no later than 30 days after its completion, presenting the payment receipt.

14. Legal Claims

14.1. These Terms and Conditions are governed according and subject to the Portuguese law, in the location of the headquarters of the i7Go, Lda., owner of the brand and website.

14.2. Any dispute relating to the services, their acquisition or with these Terms and Conditions shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Faro.