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  • "Une très belle découverte de la ville de Faro et de plusieurs plats et boissons savoureuses !

    Une guide exceptionnelle !

    Cette demi-journée était absolument parfaite, merci beaucoup !"

    Audrey Kiss, Switzerland

  • "A must do if you want to learn about the food, culture and history of the Algarve. A fascinating walking tour of Faro which includes insider views of historic sites and fabulous eateries."

    Jane Reilly, England

  • "Grazie a Eating Algarve Food Tours si assaggiano i piatti della tradizione e le specialità algarvine!"

    Corriere della Sera, Italy

  • "This was one of our favorite nights during our week in Faro. We met some lovely restauranteurs, and ate and drank quite a range of tastes. Perfect for those long, warm evenings in Faro."

    Allison Savich, Australia

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