Farum Food Tour

Faro Centre

From Monday to Friday

From 4.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

10 tastings

5 tastings

4 entries


Discover the origin and evolution of the city of Faro throughout the centuries. Learn about the different people that have occupied Faro, oral tradition with magical legends, famous and traditional delicacies, and the precious lagoon that provides a natural beauty to the capital of Algarve.

Celebrate Summer with fish dishes, side dishes, sausages, cheese, dessert, and lose yourself in the mood to taste three wines, a beer, and a cocktail, all made in Algarve. A feast with 15 tastings! 

Book this gastronomic and cultural experience, and discover an entire city with the sun and the moon!




 Find an exclusive view of the Formosa lagoon ecosystem and its relation with the city

 Learn about the wine region of the Algarve with wine tasting 

Get in contact with centuries of history by entering inside the only Moor tunnel visitable in the city

 Taste authentic algarvian foods and drinks in family establishments


 Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Bring your appetite, curiosity and good mood

 Your camera to record and share the good moments is welcome