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The EATING ALGARVE FOOD TOURS is a brand specialized in food and cultural tours at the most delicious and historic neighbourhoods of the Algarve. Comprising a team of Algarve natives, food lovers, passionate about good walks and dedicated to make your visit to the Algarve a fun and unforgettable experience!

Our experiences are aimed at those who want to know the genuine Algarve. We have developed a combination of tasting local ingredients, drinks and traditional dishes and visits to millenary heritage, culinary activities and corporate events.

We work closely and in collaboration with family businesses, local producers and local people, institutions and regional associations. We intend to contribute to the development of this touristic destination and the Algarve brand, boosting the economy and the local self-esteem.

We believe that the wealth of our enogastronomy and heritage must be shared and recognized. Only an informed and passionate local resident can guide you through alleys and corners used by locals - from the unmissable taverns to the best restaurants and places with stories to unravel about the Algarve.

Accept our invitation, come and discover the South of Portugal, where the sun reigns almost all year and time seems to slow down.


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The team

António Guerreiro

With an academic background in art studies, he starts working in research project management in the arts and communication sectors.

He then decided to explore an international career and for several years he lived and worked in Los Angeles, in TV production; London and Barcelona, where he acquired experience in the best hospitality practices.

His determination and belief in valuing the Algarve as an exquisite enogastronomic and cultural location made him return to the Algarve in 2016.

Passionate about good food and a good story, he sits at the table like someone who embarks on a journey, where the path goes through dishes, friends and socializing.

Now, he decided to share with you the Algarve table and paths.


Contact: antonio@eatingalgarvetours.com

Joana Cabrita

With maternal origins in Minho and paternal origins from the Algarve, she was born in Faro and lived in Lisbon and Italy, from where she returned in 2010.

Always a frequent traveller, passionate about the peoples’ cultures and their particular features, ranging from art and gastronomy to people.

She is a studious of the material and immaterial culture of the Algarve for personal and professional reasons, she is also the creator of a series of traditional products together with local artisan masters who hold the ancestral knowledge and techniques.

She is an enthusiastic of gastronomy and its intrinsic specificities, from the theoretical knowledge of ingredients to the practical one: cooking and tasting.


Contact: joana@eatingalgarvetours.com

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If what moves you is your passion for gastronomy and if you want to tour with us and be part of our food tours as a mean to know a region, send us a message!